Efficient and Intelligent Computing (EIC) Lab

Welcome to the EIC Lab

Towards bringing powerful machine-learning systems to our daily-life devices, the Efficient and Intelligent Computing (EIC) Lab at Rice University explores techniques that highlight a holistic optimization of algorithm-, platform-, and application-level opportunities.




  • We received a grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop on-chip Lensless Imager.
    Thanks to the Office of Naval Research!

  • Yang passed her Ph.D qualifying exam with an “A+” grade! She is one of the only two who got “A+” in the Department this year.
    Congratulations to Yang!


  • 4 students with strong profiles accepted our PhD offers.
    Welcome Chaojian, Luke, Yonggan, and Haoran!


  • All our current group members submitted their first first-author papers to a top-tier conference.
    Congratulations to Yue, Yang, Pengfei, and Weitao!


  • Will be chairing the Sessions of “Deep Learning Systems II” and “Neural Systems, Machine Learning, and Applications II” at ISCAS 2019.


  • Our paper “Bringing Powerful Deep Learning into Daily-Life Devices (Mobiles and FPGAs) via Deep K-Means” accepted to the live demo session of ISCAS 2019.
    Congratulations to Yang, Pengfei and Yue!


  • Invited talks at IBM China and Tsinghua, Peking, and Fudan Universities.



  • Invited talk at the University of Houston. Thank you Dr. Zhu Han for the invitation!

  • Our paper “EnergyNet: Energy-Efficient Dynamic Inference” accepted to NIPS 2018 CDNNRIA Workshop.
    Congratulations to Yue and Yang!


  • Invited talk at the University of Notre Dame. Thank you Dr. Yiyu Shi for the invitation!

  • Our pacemaker project has been officially funded. We will develop machine learning systems for the next-generation cardiac sensing and pacing technology! [News]
    Thanks to the National Science Foundation!

  • Our ASTRO project is on the news! [video]

  • Weitao and Yang joined the EIC lab. Welcome!


  • Our first NSF awarded project “NeTS: Large: Collaborative Research: DoJo: A Platform for High-Resolution Data-Driven Mobile Sensing via Networked Drones” kicked off.
    Thanks to the National Science Foundation!


  • Our proposal on efficient and intelligent distributed pacemakers recommended to be funded.
    Thanks to the National Science Foundation!


  • Pengfei joined the EIC lab. Welcome!


  • Our paper “Deep k-Means: Re-Training and Parameter Sharing with Hard Cluster Assignments for Compressing Deep Convolutions” accepted to ICML 2018.
    Congratulations to Junru and Yue!


  • Our paper “ASTRO: Autonomous, Sensing, and Tetherless netwoRked drOnes” accepted to DroNet 2018.
    Our first ASTRO paper!


  • Our paper “AdaDeep: On-Demand Deep Model Compression for Mobile Devices” accepted to MobiSys 2018.
    Congratulations to Sicong!


  • Yue joined the EIC lab. Welcome!

  • Our paper “Energy-efficient CNNs via Statistical Error Compensated Near Threshold Computing” accepted to ISCAS 2018.
    The first paper at Rice!